Celebrating 36 Years!

Mission Statement:

-To enhance the progress of disabled children through therapeutic horseback riding.
-To supplement traditional physical therapy and educational development by improving muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor skills, self-esteem and general well being.
-To provide a program at no fee to families with handicapped children.

Our Instructors

Samantha Abate, Matt Abate, Shelley Bates, Marsha Diehl,
Deb Elliott, Janet Frank, Sean Williams

Our Board of Directors

Carol Shupe, President

Sean Williams, Vice President

James Yahner, Treasurer

Nancy King, Recording Secretary

T.M. Abbott, Program Director

Meg Hinterlang, Therapist

Matt Abate

Ray Abate

Marsha Diehl

Janet Frank

Richard Miller, Ph.D.

Lois Miller

Katy Reeder

Sonya Thorbecke